Pens, Pencils and Markers

Author: Craft Giraffe   Date Posted:6 December 2016 

Pens, pencils, markers and crayons... there are a plethora of options out there and Craft Giraffe has one or two of them!  But what is the best pick for your project, read on as we cover all the bases.

Pens & Markers

Sakura Gelly Roll Pens come in a variety of styles for different surfaces and effects. 
  • Starting with the original, the Classic.  These are archival, waterproof, fade resistant and chemical proof.  So wherever permanence is important this is the way to go. Available in two ball sizes for either a 0.3mm or 0.4mm line you won't get smearing, feathering or bleed through on most light colour papers.  The Classic White can be used on dark papers.
  • Stardust Gelly Rolls capture the sparkle and glitter of stars to make handwriting and colouring extra special.  The 'dust' is an inert cosmetic grade ingredient that produces reflective brilliance.  They are also archival, chemically stable, waterproof and fade resistant, however the sparkle may lift over time.  For best results these pens should be used on light coloured or matte paper surfaces, where it is resistant to bleeding, feathering or smearing.  Available in a range of colours and a clear option.
  • Metallic Gelly Rolls polished opaque colours write on both light and dark papers as well as glossy and matte surfaces.  The ink is archival, waterproof, fade resistant, chemically resistant and does not bleed through most papers.  The pens deliver a distinctive reflective sheen that can also be used like a watercolour, with an aqua-pen or paintbrush.  
  • Moonlight Gelly Rolls brilliant colours seem to ignite the darkness, for best results use them on dark paper or vellum.  The opaque Moonlight ink comes in two types, archival and flourescent.  Archival is pigment based and is chemically stable, waterproof and fade resistant.  Archival includes blue, green, purple, red and rose.  The fluorescent colours can fade if exposed to direct sunlight, and they will glow under black light.  These pens won't feather, smear or bleed though on most paper types and are availble in both bold (Moonlight 10) and fine (Moonlight 06).
  • Glaze Gelly Roll Pens create a unique 3D translucent line in a range of glossy, bright colours.  These pens may be used on translucent surfaces such as acetate for a stained glass effect.  The ink is waterproof on most surfaces and for best effect should be used on light, non-porous, smooth, matte surfaces.  The ink may take 10 minutes or so to dry.


Copic Alcohol Markers are made in Japan and are the highest quality alcohol based pen on the market.  Available in 358 colours, all pens are refillable and offer consistent colour time and time again.  The pens are grouped into colour 'families' and are named by one or two letters and two numbers which can be explained below. For best effect use Copic markers on X-Press Blending Card stock.





Sakura Pigma Micron Pens contain Pigma ink that was invented by Sakura over 25 years ago and they continue to be the most reliable permanent ink on the market.  This permanent, fade resistant, chemically stable pigment based ink will not bleed or run if liquids are spilled on or applied to a document or page after the ink has dried.  With preserving memories in mind this pen is a great idea for journals, cards, quilts and dolls.  Available in a range of sizes and colours - use Pigma Micron to leave a mark that lasts a lifetime.

Ranger Distress Markers by Tim Holtz  are a dual ended marker with a brush tip and a fine point tip.  As with the rest of the distress family, these markers blend with each other, are reactive to water and can be used in any of the same ways or techniques that you would with the existing Distress line.  Available in 60 colours to coordinate with the rest of the Distress products.

Sharpie pens offer a permanent solution on just about any surface.  We stock these in a brush tip set and also the 'stained' set designed for fabric.


Ranger Distress Crayons by Tim Holtz again coordinate with existing Distress colours.  They are water-reactive pigments formulated to acheive vibrant colour effects on porous surfaces for mixed media and other crafts.  Great for backgrounds, watercolouring and more; you can colour directly onto your surface then blend with water.  Available in sets of 6 or individually.
Faber-Castell Gelatos are a similar product to the Distress Crayons, just in an different form.  They are again a water reactive pigment but will blend both with and without water and are suitable for use across a range of media including paper, wood and canvas.  Available in 52 colours.
Watercolour Pencils by Prima like the crayons above are pigment filled, but of course come in pencil form for precision application.  Use with an aqua brush to turn rich colours into brilliant watercolour effects. Try 'Trace and Brush' technique but tracing the outline of your image in your desired colour, then push the colour to the internal part of your image using an Aqua Brush or wet brush.  Or use the Palette technique by creating colour 'blocks' on separate sheet of paper and then transfer the colour from that to your clean canvas using your brush.  These pencils are available in a number of coordinating sets.