Creative Rewards Points FAQ

How wilI I know that I am earning reward points?
When you are about to checkout with an order that will earn reward points, you will be able to see the potential rewards on the checkout page. There will be a section titled ‘Rewards Earned’ that will indicate how many points or credits you will potentially earn. You will only see this if you have logged in to your account, as guest purchasers cannot earn reward points.
Do I receive an email notification about the reward points I have earned?
Yes! When your points have reached the redeem threshold, you will receive an email letting you know that you have earned reward points. 
How can I use my reward points?
If you have earned enough points to use them, the rewards points will appear as account credit on your checkout page as an available payment option. You will be able to choose how much credit to use against the purchase. An example would be that you can pay for half an order through credit and the remainder using a different payment method such as Paypal or Visa.

Do I need to use all of my reward points in one transaction?
Reward points credit can be used across more than one purchase. On each purchase, you will decide how much credit you want to use for that purchase.
How can I view the points I have earned?
You can log in to your ‘My Account’ page to view the points you have earned. These points will only appear if you have earned enough points to spend. 
When do I earn reward points?
Your will earn points or credits on eligible transactions once the order is placed and payment is received. Please note you must be logged in to an account to earn points.

Do rewards points expire?
Yes, reward points will expire 90 days from date of issue.  We cannot accept vouchers past expiry under any circumstances sorry.


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